Thursday, June 28, 2012

Blind Boxes Available

MonsterDoctor is giving away FREE Blind Boxes if you purchase a custom vinyl toy.
3" Custom Dunnys are available. $50.00
4" Custom Munnys are available. $60.00
Add a MonsterDoctor Vinyl Custom to your collection and Get a FREE Blind Box creature.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Monster Prizes

Ive been busy the last couple of weeks working on customs for my summer give away.I got an email stating my resin and silicone shipped,but I was hoping to make moulds this weekend.I have so many orders to package and stuff to give away.

Since Im waiting on my silicone,I found some extra time to put some finishing touches on an old piece.What I might do after my summer give away is put this Carrot piece up as a prize.Thats right!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Monster Doctor

My wife is super helpful with our Monster Doctor business.
We just recently went through the legal steps to own the name Monster Doctor! So ya can't steal it! lol.

I am so excited about this.While these major and minor business moves get made I can concentrate on
the artistic side of the business.Thank you Lynn Ziobro! xoxoxo

From now until Sept.1st. Any custom 3" Dunny purchased from Monster Doctor will come with a FREE Blind Box mini monster! And Some extra cool stuff.If you like collecting Artist Toys then
ya don't want to miss this deal.

I have 3 different Blind Box series in stock and you can pick from any series.
Examples of these series are below. Email us to order.Or check us out on Facebook at

All pieces are hand painted, One-of-a-kind.Add some original authentic pieces to your growing collection.

                                                                         Series 1 "DANG"

                                                                         Series 2 "Parasites"

                   Series 3 "Baby Elemental"

Alien Dispatcher

Alien Dispatcher
Solid mini resin figure.One color.2" tall. $10.00

Vampire Dunny Commission,

Vampire Dunny Commission,
3" Vampire dunnys custom.$50.00 no shipping.


20-30 Black n White Acrylic on Heavy cardboard.400.00

The Exorcist

The Exorcist
20-30 Full color Acrylic on Heavy cardboard. $500.00

Heres Johnny!

Heres Johnny!
20-30 Full color Acrylic on Heavy cardboard.$500.00